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A Goodbye Note I will never send

Dear Friend, I want you to know that I'm doing well and I hope you are too. I didn’t think I would ever want to write to you, but then again, time changes a lot of things. Distance is truly a great tool when it comes to pain. The further away, the better you can… Continue reading A Goodbye Note I will never send

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Toutes des putes.

Ce texte est dédicacé à toutes mes copines féministes abolitionnistes. La maman, ou la putain ?  Maman rentre le soir et sa journée est loin d'être terminée. Logique capitaliste. Corps qui produit, corps qui travaille, corps que vous tuez à la tâche. Le temps c'est de l'argent mais pourtant Jean-Mi ne vous paie pas lorsque vous… Continue reading Toutes des putes.

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Unintentional Intersectional: the Relevance of Inclusive Sport Teams

Last weekend I participated with the Brussels team in the biannual world championship of inclusive rugby, the Bingham Cup. As a new player for the Straffe Ketten team, it was my first time at this surprisingly intersectional and diverse sport event. Sport gathers people from all walks of life, regardless of their race, social class, income… Continue reading Unintentional Intersectional: the Relevance of Inclusive Sport Teams

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My body’s melody

I hear the music, my fingers move to its rhythm, flick and tap on the table, clicking together in harmony. I feel meditative and in contemplation. Calmness invades my body and my smile precedes the very desire to smile. I am happy; a happiness of being, a happiness of understanding myself, of resolution and permanency.… Continue reading My body’s melody