The ‘Other’ Babel

At Guerrilla Resistance we aim to bring together an international community of poets, writers, artists, activists and thinkers and from around the world that engage in and deconstruct being ‘The Other’. We value and encourage diversity in all its forms, and we aware that each person is unique and comes with their own beautiful self and their background and language is of course inherent to this.

On our website, you can already access dozens of texts in different languages, and our manifesto has been translated into 20 languages, thanks to our tireless translation volunteers from around the globe. But now it’s time to make the transition from URL to IRL.

By the end of 2018, Guerrilla Resistance will publish a multilingual printed collection of poems, essays,short stories or visual works that reflect the complex and diverse nature of being ‘The Other’ in today’s society around the globe.

…and we are looking for YOU!


We know translating poetry or personal pieces is tough and that some things often get lost in translation, but we would love to receive your poem or short text in your native language, together with your translation into English to make sure your point of view gets to as many of us as possible! We’re a multilingual team ourselves so if you need any help or if you think your translation is not polished enough, we will also take a second look at it.

Submit your text, translation, and a small paragraph about yourself to at your earliest convenience. The text or visual piece can take any form, as long as it’s printable; if you’re working with text, please stay within a 500 words limit to give space to everyone!

Need some more inspiration? Check out ‘Poetic Warfare’ and read our Manifesto in your language!